About Us:

Our Mission

Our mission at Mountain Oaks Ranch is to have a breeding program with the purpose of breeding show and investment quality animals.

First and foremost, to have only the highest ethics in the handling and treatment of our llamas, not simply as a business but as very special individuals. We are committed to do the very best job we can for them, including giving them a new home with responsible and informed people.

We will promote education to help new llama owners experience the joys of owning and/or breeding llamas.

We will accomplish this while placing a high value on the quality of our customer service, the animals entrusted to our care, and always demonstrating professional ethics and integrity.

Norma Stevens and Richard Thibert

 llama pulling cart with Norma & Richard

The Llamas

The llamas at Mountain Oaks Ranch have been hand selected from llama farms across the country with special attention being paid to the selection of animals based on the following requirements:

• Conformation is correct, ensuring that the animal will be strong and capable.

• Temperament appears to be hereditary, a calm stable animal is the most desirable.

• Quality of Fiber lustrous, fine fibered animals in a range of beautiful colors.

• High Quality Bloodlines. We feel that llamas should not be inbred or line bred as is the practice in many other animals. Parents should be selected for breeding animals based on overall quality, parenting skills and health.

We have available North and South American bloodlines of consistent quality.

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