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The question why do you have llamas?? is the most frequently asked question at fairs and educational displays.

If you have that question start with our Learn About Llamas section when you are finished you will wonder why there are not llamas in every rural home.  MOR'S Mr. GQ in Cart

Llamas are fun!
Look at the fun slide show of llamas with children and adults alike at a playday sponsored by Mountain Oaks Ranch.  Playday Fun!

Llamas and Alpacas and Oranges

We have been raising llamas since 1985.  When Norma became interested in the llama and alpaca fiber we purchased our first alpacas in 1993. The Orange grove was an added income producer for us.

Our herd size had increased by leaps and bounds.. In 1997 we made the decision to downsize.  After all we were retired! Richard had fought fires for 30 years. Norma had traveled for 30 years in her lending services business. We moved to a smaller property and made the decision to focus on raising llamas.

Most of the educational material on this website pertain to both llamas and alpacas.

The best part of raising camelids (llamas and alpacas) is the great people you meet along the way.

Kids and Llamas a great combination

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Llamas with Style!